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Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Champi, also known as an Indian head massage is a term for an alternative medicine massage therapy. The belief is when energy does not flow properly, negative energy builds up, causing common ailments including stress, baldness or hair loss, headaches and aching neck & shoulders. During an Indian Head Massage the goal is to clear blocks in the energy channels (Chakras) that cause a build-up of negative energy. The head, neck and face are massaged and by relaxing and stimulating these areas, blood flow increases and energy balance is restored within the chakras.

This removes stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation. It also creates other health benefits:-

1. Stimulates scalp circulation.

2. Aids in improving texture and growth of hair.

3. Helps to flush toxins from the body.

4. Improves skin tone.

5. Relieves tension headaches and eye strain.

6. Increases mobility in the upper body.

7. Enhances concentration.

A consultation will be carried out before the treatment

The treatment is carried out over light clothing with the client sitting comfortably in a chair. It can also include the use of essential oils, in which case it would be necessary to uncover the shoulders. TREATMENT TIME 30 minutes

Other Body Massage (Excluding Services )

Couple Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Couple Massage is one of the most popular types of massage therapy offered in the spa industry today. This allows two people to be in the same room and be massaged at the same time by two different massage therapists. This is a great way to introduce your partner, friend or relative to massage therapy. It is comforting to have the other there with you if one or neither of you has had bodywork before. It also offers Fruit and Red Wine+Rose for Lady Unwind and relax, side by side, each with your own personal therapist in the same private, tranquil environment, self-indulgence for you and your partner (in could be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, moms and daughters or best friends).

Body2Body Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Full Body Massage is an all-over body massage, covering you from head to toe. You may be curious about what happens during a one hour session. The room is usually dark with very little lighting and soft music will probably be playing. The practitioner will then talk to you about what will happen during the session. The practitioner may discuss with you what areas of your body that you feel she should concentrate extra time toward and massage techniques that are best for those issues. She may discuss undressing and how to position yourself on the massage.

Prostate Care Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

After a special massage the oil penetrate your anal skin, and do in-depth massage, and then the whole body with fingering stimulus generated by the operation information through the reflection on the human body neurons effects of adjustment imposed, so as to achieve the effect of health care.

Double Pressure Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Two technicians at the same time as your aromatic oil massage, using the same techniques continuous systemic deep care, promote lymph and blood circulation, purify the body environment, achieve the effect of mind and body.

Silk Foot Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Silk foot massage is wearing a soft massage sexy stockings with their feet and legs for you to do full-body massage [ including sensitive parts of]the last will give you relaxation and pleasure also a comfortable feeling. This is a new way of massage, instead of the traditional hand massage. Of course, stockings massage the most important thing is to feel like everyone knows ... ... You can sniff your way. Ask. Kiss masseuse dressed in silk stockings legs.

Reflexology is massage of the feet by finger pressure to relieve tension. It is based on the belief that there are reflex points on the feet that are connected to every part of the body.

Nerve endings are imbedded in the feet that travel to the spinal cord and to various parts of the body. The Therapist applies gentle but firm pressure with fingers and thumbs to stimulate these nerve endings. This is usually a pleasant sensation for the client, though it can sometimes locate tender areas.

This pressure massage eases areas of tension and alleviates congestion. The effects are felt not only on the foot, but more importantly in the corresponding major bodily organ.

Professional therapist does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. Reflexology is a very individual treatment which works with you holistically, so it is not possible to know in advance how you will react. The theory is that reflexology helps the body to restore its balance naturally. Usually, after a treatment your tension may be reduced and you might feel relaxed. You might also notice yourself sleeping better and find your mood and sense of wellbeing improving. You may also find that other aspects improve too; however, this happens on an individual basis.

Swedish Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Swedish massage refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. This relaxing massage improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Aromatherapy Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

Through the inhalation and application of our pure essential oils, this relaxation massage to balance and enliven the body. These special oil blends enhance the massage experience and invite health. An in-depth consultation with your therapist for aroma selection begins your scented journey.

Hot Stone/Salt Massage:- 30 mins / 60 mins/ 90 mins

The smooth polish stones or salt swag become transformed in the hands of our therapist. Warm stones/salt swag are strategically placed and massaged along the body, thereby promoting circulation and healing for the mind, body, and soul. You will feel pampered as the warmth and weight of the stones penetrate deep into muscles releasing stress and tightness, allowing your body to achieve the total relaxation.

Pilling and Massage With Red Wine

Wine therapy is an exclusive spa treatment for relaxation. Wine and grapes are widely used not only in medicine, but also in Cosmetology: nourishing mask, relaxing massage to enjoy the therapeutic and rejuvenating effects of grapes and wine.

Wine therapy in the external application improves blood circulation, improves the tone of the body, helps eliminate cellulite and may even lead to weight loss. Wine therapy has a rejuvenating effect because of the content of polyphones.

The composition of red wine contains antioxidants, and it helps to keep skin smooth and beautiful.

Also, the Red wine is good procedure for men - it has a positive effect on potency, tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

In red wine contains much of polyphones, flavonoids, vitamins (B1, B2, C, vitamin P, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels), and tannins, small amount of iron, organic acids, and minerals.

A grape seed extract contains the "hormone of youth"..

For Him

1. Body scrub with red wine (30 minutes).

2. Session of infrared DETOX-capsule, which is actively working on the subcutaneous layers and fat deposits, removal of residues, and providing therapeutic and cleansing effect.

3. Head massage (30 minutes).

4. Relaxing massage with red wine (1 hour).

5. Tea, coffee, fruit juice (on your choice).

For Her

1. Body scrub with chocolate (30 minutes).

2. Session of infrared DETOX-capsule, which is actively working on the subcutaneous layers and fat deposits, removal of residues, and providing therapeutic and cleansing effect.

3. Chocolate Body Wrap (30 minutes)

4. Relaxing massage with chocolate (1 hour).

5. Tea, coffee, fruit juice (on your choice).

Benefits of Total Body Beauty Massages Treatment:

A good total body beauty massages works very well that breathe new life into you. A complete massage of the whole body relaxes all muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, and gives your energy level a boost. Also, your emotional state becomes better, and while tiredness and stress are removed, you will be able to face life with renewed vigor.

















Here are some fast facts on what benefits we can get from massage.

Massage helps remove the feeling of pain in the body by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good hormones. Because massage relieves pain regardless of cause, it also fills the body’s need for pain-killing medication. With massage, the mind is made to feel calm and relaxed. Such a state of the mind is good for enhancing focus and improving concentration, thereby making the mind more creative and productive. Massage also makes the mind aware of the body, allowing it to recognize more quickly its needs and possible afflictions.

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