18 Plus Beauty Temple
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About Us

This firm has been working for more than last seven (7) years keeping in view the social / constitutional values while battling accusations with its credibility, fame and complete credibility. Thank you for your trust and confidence.
The firm also provides good office for meeting between customer (employer) and service providers (employees). The firm has a reputation among service holders / service providers who have availed its services. In other words, it is the most reliable form of Delhi……
The firm is operating in various SAC codes on 999799/999631/998365/999729/999717/998514/998511 as per the new GST HSN Business Code with Bill GST No.07BDBPS4323P2Z5.
The firm searches the customer and service provider through online / offline mode (face to face) with brokerage charges for mediation / arrangement / consulting work / service for the above services. Provides additional AC (including non-AC, tea-coffee soft drinks, etc.) for them with financial transaction arrangements and meeting space with "good offices" or parlor / salon / attendance / rooms / guestrooms, where employees and employers discuss all aspects related to service by personal decision.
Disclaimer:-The main work is of to facilitate the meeting between service providers and customers/clients and the firm does not interfere related to cost of service but for any unethical behavior the customers/clients are also responsible equally, because the customer (employees and employers) will be both responsible for any activity during the meeting, as the place are under the direct surveillance of the both customer.

Our main objective is providing:-

Consultancy Services and good office to select your favorite service providers for your personal/social and other miscellaneous Work Assignment etc. We provide Support via online /offline services of 18 PLUS Beauty Temple Portal and its office.

We Provide Consultancy services for following sectors/field as :-

Business / Employment Type

A. Special achievement
1. Beauty / Spa / Massage Therapist Employee
2 . Escort in society and Dating: - Full Support Service by employees with personal competence and consent over a specified time period for personal / social or other and extra services (not described elsewhere) to the employer, such as ACCOMPANY for personal endorsement, support, Cooperation, helping, assistance etc. Pls. read service details. ……view more
3. Meeting Place: - Meeting place / Good office ie Parlor / Salon / Attendance-room etc. with fixed time 4. Job consultancy
B. Others
1. Employees of various skills.
2. Skilled and non-skilled employees.
3. Employees related to domestic services.
4. Entertainment presenter.
5. Employees related to other services.
6.Searching Employee & customer according to Employees & Employer.
7. Employees & Employer Screening.
Employing all types of hard/soft physical work., Middle Management Employee, Junior Level Employee, Workers, Labourers Skilled /Unskilled required by various customer including Labour contractors, Commercial, Housing and and workers for office management and and to provide consultancy and other escort services excluding security guard. Our firm are management for employment, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Service, service related or personal meeting between the employee and the employer is on the joint responsibility of both of them. Our institution »acts as a valuable resource between the employer and the employee.
Deal with Valuable Resources: Each company has its own unique culture.
It includes the values, vision, ideals, norms, working language, system and habits of a group that work together. A good employee develops and manages the company. They recruit new, maintain benefits and salaries, mediate conflicts and engage in training and development. Their utility is at the core of employer satisfaction success.

What does the firm do?

Firm only attempt to establish proper coordination between employee and employer for the functions of an organization or individual. The firm gives complete freedom of consultation with the employee on the employer plan.
Our firm focus on employee recruitment and benefits. Our firm is a small form that usually works within a limited scope.
Some common daily tasks for our agency include:
Consulting with employers to identify requirements and preferred qualifications
Interview applicants about their experience, education and skills.
To inform the applicants about the job description and benefits and conditions.
To or refer to qualified candidates.
To make the new employee aware of the benefits according to merit.
Process paperwork.

Agency managers will also:

To plan and coordinate the workforce to best utilize the talent of employees.
Resolving issues between the appointee and employees.
To make employers and employees aware of policies such as equal employment opportunities and sexual harassment.
Coordinating the work of the appointee and the Employee if required. Selection and recruitment of employees according to qualification and requirement.
Training and development specialist:-
Conduct and supervise training and development programs for employees. This specialty is essential for organizational development, mentoring, training and Employee development. In general, a training and development is necessary to develop the performance of employees. Will arrange to help employees retain and improve their skills.
Work / employment, placement : -
Firm also known as meeting managers, they arrange a meeting / interview between the appointee and the employee and help the workers in the appointment. Online / offline advertisements can travel to job fairs and elsewhere to find suitable employees promising agency. They can also screen, interview and test applicants, and check references and increase job offers.
Employee Assistance Management:-
Sometimes the appointee for welfare manager works, such as family events or work-life managers demand an assistant or manager employee for other festivities, fun, entertainment, or personal work. Employees selected by the Employer fully support the employer.
Escort employees oversee programs to enhance other safety and well-being and improve work-life balance. They can manage occupational safety and health standards and practices, health and physical fitness plans, medical examinations, fulltime programs, food service and recreational activities, childcare and elder-care programs and counseling services. The agency arranges meetings / interviews with employees according to the qualifications appropriate to the employer.
The agency seeks employers for employees, and employees for employers.
The employer wants to maintain a strong interrelationship with the overall responsibility of the employees and takes responsibility for providing employment.
The duties of the agency will vary between the employees, but generally the following six main functions are: -
1. Voluntary selection of employer, training or agency.
2. One of the primary functions of the agency is to select employees and provide favorable employment. The agency actively selects Employee, screens, interviews and attempts to recruit qualified candidates for open positions. The agency provides good office for skill assessment and personality test to match the employer with its favorable employee / candidates.
3. Training, development and ensuring maximum benefits. The agency handles verbal, behavioral, fruitful training and development of employees within the organization. It creates training programs and conducts training for new employees and existing employees. The agency can seek help from other department managers and supervisors to determine the training needs of employees.
4. Handling compensation
The agency is not responsible for various aspects of employee compensation. The agency always makes the final decision on the personal discretion of the employer and employee. Normally the agency handles the payroll and ensures that employees are paid at the right time, with the agency's brokerage deducted. Agencies are not included in other benefits or gifts (not for service charges) offered by the employer to employees.
5. Employee benefits
The agency manages all aspects of employee employment support and employee benefits. The agency keeps track of the presence - absence of all employees. Agencies ensure that employees receive appropriate benefits.
6.Employee relations
All employees work independently in our agency, so the agency handles all independent employee relationships. Employee cooperation is essential in various aspects of all activities in employee agency interactions. The agency maintains relationships between employees and the agency by promoting communication and fairness.
The agency provides cooperation / support for interaction with employees and the employer in full independence, as all service-related responsibilities are agreed between both employees and employers.
Employee and Employer Relations
Are jointly responsible for strengthening the employer-employee relationship. Employees assess employer satisfaction levels. Employees resolve employer conflicts, design collaboration, support, performance and management systems, employees try to work in different positions - style to the satisfaction of the employer. Employers assess the employee's ability and skills and select the employee on their own responsibility.

Workplace Safety and Risk Management:-

The workplace safety duties of each agency like ours can vary greatly, so the safety and risk management section is finally successful for the last 7 years to maintain a safe workplace and will continue to be transformed. It is the duty of the employer-employee to comply with all the rules suggested by the agency.

Legal responsibilities:-

It will be mandatory for both employees and employers to abide by all the agency's terms and conditions, Which is originally mentioned on the website www.18plusbeautytemple.com of the agency / firm 18PLUS Beauty Temple (TEZ Enterprises). If you do not agree, do not approve any services and contacts of the agency, such as employment opportunities, employees' demands, and adherence to schedule, All the legal responsibilities of service labor shall be equally to both the employee and the employer. The agency also investigates complaints of harassment and discrimination and tries to ensure that all employees and employers associated with the agency remain in compliance with India's labor regulations. Do not exchange any illegal and unethical service. The agency will not be responsible for services exchanged voluntarily which are not approved by the agency. Do not expect and demand any service from the agency which is not under IPC. The agency does not take responsibility for any type of conversation between the employee and the employer, as this is a personal matter for both adults. The agency always provides the online / offline estimated amount, Advance or the amount of bill given (service) under service SAC Code and GST to the appointee, which will be valid.

Agency refers to human value -

Independent employees who support the personal/ professional and other needs of the employer. The agency provides a variety of facilities to attract and retain employers and employees, and plans for future needs, which the agency has a dedicated independent Employee.

(Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy)

High & Middle class Indian, Beautician (Masseur & Masseuse) available for full-length beautytreatment (massages) Service in Delhi and NCR& our place. We provide not only prevailing services (under SAC Code: 999729) in different kind of amusementand comfort work but may also offer the gladness of your imagination.

A Total-body beauty treatment (massage) is a process by which your whole body and mind or in one word it is your very own soul get relaxed during that very therapeutic beauty treatment (massage). Thus a “Total Body Beauty Treatment” is a panacea relaxant for your physical and mental satisfaction of today’s immensely tired and anxious life.

There are two exceptions -- one is if it's a hypersonic service, just 30 minutes rather than the usual 50 minutes or an hour. In that case the beautician might concentrate on one area, usually back, neck and shoulders, so you get more worth. The other is when you ask the therapist to concentrate on a specific area during the full-length beauty massage. They take more time on that area, and usually skip or go very lightly over other areas.Unfortunately, some "spas" that operate like the old "massage parlors" put out signs that say "full-body massage" as a way of indicate there will be some kind of sexual contact or "happy ending." This is illegal and an unethical use of the term full-body massage.

Relax With Beauty Service

We provide Delhi’s cheap & best 18plus Total Body Beauty Treatment (Massage) services..Let yourself feel immense pleasure for getting relaxed from hectic and boring physical and mental stress with our services of Beauty Massage provided by young, pretty and skillful girls/boys. Our beauty massage parlor is located inNorth Delhi at Sant Nagar- Burari which is very close to Camp, Model Town, Aazadpur, Rohini, Salimarbagh, Ashok vihar, Karol Bagh, Wazirpur, Punjabi Bagh, Narayana, Pitampura, Paschimvihar, ISBT. You have to just select the Employee among our pool of greatly skillful workers and enjoy the assistance at very reasonable price. Contact now (99 719 70608/ 921 33 66 0 66) to know the latest running offer and discount rates.

Touch is a very important part of human contact. It helps us feel connected and loved by those around us.

Beauty Massage Treatment delivered through the magical hands touch through, shaking, rubbing, sucking (vacuum), punching or kneading of parts of the body to aid circulation, relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation. Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy.

The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase beauty health and well-being.

There are many beauty&health benefits to receiving beauty massage therapy on a regular basis:

Best Body Beauty Massage Treatment in India

India, the renowned country of Ayurveda, is famous worldwide for its sovereign beauty massage therapies for a broad-range of bodily and mental ailments and diseases. These massage therapies are licensed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, under the Department of AYUSH. Massage therapies indulge curing and refreshing herbs and aromatic oils, for impeccable treatment of a variety of troubles and diseases. Ours prestigious and reliable Parlor is amply known for TotalBody Beauty Massage in Delhi on account of the following body beauty massage therapies.

Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin (including the application of beauty products) and for increasing mental well-being. Hair removal is offered at some beauty salons through treatments such as waxing and threading. Some beauty salons style hair instead of going to a separate hair salon, and some also offer sun tanning. Other treatments of the face are known as facials. Specialized beauty salons known as nail salons offer treatments such as manicures and pedicures for the nails. A manicure is a treatment for the hands, incorporating the fingernails and cuticles and often involving the application of nail polish, while a pedicure involves treatment of the feet, incorporating the toenails and the softening or removal of calluses.

Relax With Beauty Services

ACCOMPANY [ Under SAC Code: 999799 ]

Personal /social and other services are provided to the client to meet their needs. But our Employees will deny doing any illegal, immoral or uncomfortable action.

Internet Advertising Space [ Under SAC Code: 998365 ]

This service includes sale of Internet advertising space.

For Entertainment [ Under SAC Code: 999631 ]

The services of entertainment presenter are booked by customer who are independent model/ artist/ dancer/singer and all. For a limited time period on the responsibility of clients.

Employeeing Arrangements [ Under SAC Code: 998517 ]

The customer appoints personnel through the organization according to their functions.

Note: Under contractual acceptance, the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions of the organization. The customer will be responsible for any activity of the service provider, as the service providers are under the direct supervision of the customer. These include basic to full service packages.

Temporary Work Assignment [ Under SAC Code: 998514 ]

Includes the supply support of personnel for part-time / short-term service at the customer's personal choice and responsibility. The customer will be responsible for any activity of the service provider, as the service providers are under the direct supervision of the customer.

Services For Other Beauty Treatement [Under SAC Code: 999729]

Personal hygiene, body care, depilation, treatment with ultraviolet rays and infrared rays and other hygiene services.
Services provided by tattoo artists/parlors, body piercing studios and other similar cosmetic treatments.

Mediation/ Interview Services [ Under SAC Code: 998511 ]

Meeting between prospective employees and employers.

Note: The decision to appoint which prospective employee is preferred by the customer. Hence both of them will be responsible for any activity during the service.

Contact Us

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