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Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy

4. A. ACCOMPANY FOR :- Companionship or Support

Introduction Service:- Introducing Your Service Provider "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." However, this introduction service applies specifically to interviewing service providers, which strengthens the trust and closeness between the service provider and the service holder, helping them to understand each other. To ensure that the new services/providers are ready for fun/ play to their true performance and capabilities without any hesitation.

Based on customer and service provider experience supporting the launch of services in a new range of agencies, we recommend embedding service introduction activities early and efficiently by “Introduction-Service” is essential to drive activities.

Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy

Introducing a ‘service first’ culture

Launching new services has traditionally been a major priority for businesses. However, partly because of consumerization in the service – when a new agency appears in the consumer market before the business has spread – users have comparative expectations about whose services are good. Through introduction service, the user gets a lot of ease in selecting the service provider. Since service sectors are often very complex and involve the integration of multiple technologies, services and suppliers, it is up to the customer to ensure that the service is perfect the first time. There is always a demand for new service providers especially in beauty/ glamours service as the preferences of the users keep on changing. Therefore, the "Service Introduction Culture" provides opportunities to new service providers in the market.

Embedding service introduction activities in delivery and service provider:-

A successful service introduction culture builds credibility and support capacity between the service provider and the consumer. There is a need to incorporate model service introduction principles to avoid multiple pitfalls, providing a new dimension to the service experience and delivery, cost and solution. Service listing between the service provider and the customer enables identification, management and immediate resolution of risks to the services.

Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy

Adding an efficient service introduction capability to drive related activities;

An accountable and efficient service introduction capability builds trust between service providers and consumers, will reduce operational incidents and provide an important link between service delivery. Successful implementation of service introduction principles and procedures is best achieved through independent competence from service providers and consumers (both agreed upon). A service introduction is vital to service improvement, knowledge sharing, and exchange. A permanent/temporary service provider is based on the internal skills required to render the capability.
Service introduction is critical to ensuring both effective project delivery and ongoing service success, providing the business with what they need and providing customers with a service they will be pleased with.

Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy

Accompany - Supporting Partner;

We "18 Plus Beauty Temple'' are among top names in service providers in Delhi. Our clients are always happy with our service provider. Our 18+ especially are always ready to do everything under SAC Code: 999799(Other miscellaneous services)/ 999631(Services of performing artists including Actors, Readers, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Independent Models etc. Recreational, cultural and other different performing services providers.(Community,Social,Personal Services and Other miscellaneous Services) with you for your requirement and satisfaction.

Full Support Service by service providers with personal competence and consent over a specified time period and place for personal / social or other and extra services (not described elsewhere) to the customer, such as ACCOMPANY for personal endorsement, support, cooperation, helping, assistance, occasion-event etc.

HEREBY IT IS CLARIFIED THAT MEANING OF "ACCOMPANY" AS THEIR Partner, Companion-in-arms, Attendant, , Helpmate, Assistant, Helper, Consultant, Adjunct etc.

Accompany Support Service Example/ Explanation:

4) A.1. SHORT SERVICE शॉर्ट सर्विस

Short service means limited duration of career as per customer requirement, but it reduces the credibility of permanent work/ employment.
This service includes supplying service providers for temporary work assignments.

Explanation: The service includes the supply and support of temporary, part-time or short-term service providers for personal, social and other work assignments.
Note: The firm-agency searches for the appropriate service provider and presents them to clients (based on personal choice and discretion) to support or complement the specialized service on demand for customers. Service providers are on the payroll of the firm or are self-employed (Independant) who are legally responsible for their own actions, but when working they are under the direct supervision of the client. The firm-agency does not specify the salary, benefits, etc. of the service provider. The firm-agency is limited to its own commission. The service provider can deny any illegal, immoral or uncomfortable actions.

Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy
Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy

4) A.2. Good Night Service

The Good Night Casual support Service provider supply for personal, social and or other professional work support or service. A feature of these systems is the supply of a specific service provider during the night for a specified period of time (usually outside normal office or working hours when normal services are not provided).
Nightly service is predetermined between the customer and the service provider with the specified duration and format of service.

4) A.3. Basic to full service

Explanation: The service involves the search, supply and referral service of the service provider through a variety of firm-agencies in which the service provider selected by the customer provides the assured service to the customer. Under this service, the firm-agency as an agent searches / employs both clients (service provider / customer) for referral service and supply services for exchange of appropriate and valid services. This service comes under support services.
Note: The service provider and customer share or allocate their duties, rights and responsibilities, including mutual consent and evaluation in terms of service by contract, with the customer and service provider agreeing to be responsible for certain activities of the services. These include basic to full service packages. The firm-agency does not specify the salary, benefits, etc. of the service provider. The firm-agency charges its own commission according to time. The service provider may deny any illegal, immoral, unethical or inconvenient actions.

4) A.4. Entertainment Presenter

Finding and supplying a variety of presenters for entertainment support. Such as dancers and singers etc.

Explanation: - This service includes prospective / permanent / temporary / indefinite service providers on a permanent / indefinite basis. Reference, recurrence, meeting place, support, anticipated evaluation and consultation services can also be availed. We search, select and refer service providers to customers on a permanent / indefinite basis. Booking for theater casting such as the services of entertainment presenters is booked by clients, who are independent emcees, dancers and singers, background dancers, models, artists, actors, magician, singers, musicians, comedians, Bhajan-Kirtan-Jagran and so much more entertainment and their other support services.

Note: Booking of service and service provider is done by the customer. The firm-agency is only paid commission for successful booking of a service provider. This service includes permanent / temporary placements / appointment permanent / temporary service providers for the entire category ranging from low-level to medium and high service providers.

Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy
Beauty Treatment with Massage Therapy


We charge our commission to support (work, support-search & supply) following services.
Support services: Other employment and ancillary (service provider) supply services. Our agency according to competence provides search, consulting and supply services of the service provider for support services. This service strengthens future opportunities for employment support service providers including employment, placement, appointment, job for providers.
Service provider classified services include service provider search / referral and supply service. This service falls under the top support services


Other employment and ancillary (service provider) supply services. Our agency according to competence provides search, consulting and supply services of the service provider for support services. This service strengthens future opportunities for employment support service providers including employment, placement, appointment, job for providers.
There is a provision to serve the customers after considering all aspects of service on mutual consent from the service provider before the customer purchased the service. The responsibility for the success of such interplay rests on the service provider's and customer's personality. The agency / agent concerns the priority of customer service that one assigns to the customer relative to components such as innovation and all validated service scheduling.

In this sense, “18 PLUS Beauty Temple” values good customer service or can interview customers for feedback, which can change a customer's perception of the organization and a good customer service experience. Our customer support service has a long range of service providers to help customers. This includes assistance in any services like planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and disposal. These services are performed relative to the customer, where the customer uses the service. In this case, it is called "at home customer services" or "at home customer support".

a. Mediation services between the prospective service provider and the customer.

Explanation:- Limited specialized search and recruitment service, including arranging detailed interviews with a customer service provider, advertising for a potential service provider, and advertising to locate potential clients. Screening, preparing, presenting highly qualified service providers to potential clients Discussing the service provider's confidential list, negotiating compensation and providing post-hire follow-up.
Note: The potential service provider / customer makes all service related decisions for which service provider has to be appointed.

b. Provision of independent agreement between the service provider and the customer. (This service is covered by the top support services)

Explanation: - The service involves the discovery and supply of individual contractors or independent service providers on the basis of a written contract for which the client has contracted, with specific terms and conditions of the firm-agency.
Note: Under the terms of this agreement, the service provider, contractor or customer has all legal rights and duties. Individual contractors, service providers, and customers are usually responsible for their own tax deductions and government filings.

c. Permanent -Temporary Services / Jobs

Explanation: The service includes supplying the service provider for temporary service under trial period with an expectation of permanent job with the customer.
Note: The service provider stays at the temporary support staffing firm until the hiring decision is made until it is appointed by the client, if not, returns to the temporary support staffing firm . This service may include training, consultation and evaluation of service providers.


Explanation: A service provider is paid more per hour in exchange for a guarantee of their employment, and other general full-time employment situations such as a lack of sick leave.
Consumers contact the casual service provider as per their requirements. There is no contract between the service provider and the consumer. Service providers can legally refuse any specific work opportunity. The government defines casual employees, who are not expected to work regularly, are not bound by any legal body and can work at the places where they work at their convenience.

Sick leave and working hours are not guaranteed in casual employment.
The service provider has to agree to the consumer's terms and conditions to get the job done - either orally or in writing.
Service providers are under the supervision or control of the consumer.
Service providers cannot send someone else to do their work.
Tax contribution on service charges will be the responsibility of the service provider.
The consumer provides the materials, equipment, or tools they need to work.


Explanation: India According to Section 4 of the Partnership Act of 1932, "A partnership is defined as a relationship between two or more persons. To share the business carried on by all or the profits of one of them." Have agreed ". Nowhere in 1932 is it mentioned that the partnership agreement has to be in written or oral format. Thus the general rule of the Contract Act applies that the contract may be 'oral' or 'written'.
A partnership is an arrangement where the people, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. Partners in a partnership can be individuals, businesses, interest-based. In other words
Partners are people who engage in interpersonal or other skill based activity simultaneously. Partners may be in a committed relationship, either on a particular basis, or on a contingency basis to engage in similar interpersonal or other skill based activity. In that case they are often referred to as "partner or friends". An individual can be the partner of another person in all voluntary interpersonal and other skill activities that are legally valid even if socially (sexual activity) prohibited, but provided the Indian Constitution is not violated. Agency or Agent not responsible for any activity during the meeting service period. A person can have more than one partner at any one time.
Generally, a partner engages in regular or casual activity. A former partner is a person with whom the other partner does not intend to engage in any further activity; Whereas a potential partner is one with whom the person has not previously engaged in any interpersonal or other same activity, but wishes to do so.

4) B.3. Personal Assistant

Explanation: Duties, responsibilities and functions
A helper helps with meetings, correspondence and daily management. The role of a personal assistant may vary, such as answering phone calls, taking notes, scheduling meetings, emailing, texting, etc.
They assist with a variety of life management tasks, including but not limited to arranging travel: traveling to provide general support; Investigating phone calls, inquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate; liaising with customers, suppliers, and other employees. The scope of the PA's role may be broader and may involve additional duties.

4) B.4. Personal Care Support

Explanation: Personal care is available for any daily tasks you may need support with, such as bathing, showering, applying creams and lotions, dressing and toileting, all in the comfort of your own home.
Personal care assistants provide personal care services. Including services (beauty and cosmetic) provided by the service provider for personal health and daily support or beauty care services. Some examples of personal care services include help:
Bathing, defecation, dressing, grooming, serving food, drug reminding, walking etc. Unlike home health care services, personal care services are non-medical in nature and can be provided without a prescription or regular certification.

4) B.5. Guide support Service

Also acts as a personal/social partner for the person of the opposite sex, who can support his/her client in various ways. Provides assistance when visiting establishments, such as restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and establishments that need to be involved in person or in public as a partner. Guide (Tour guide support) Services
Guides are the intermediaries between the tourists and the destination. With their expertise, they provide a smooth journey taking tourists to specific destinations which are beyond normal reach. They make tourists extra excited by their common sense. Moreover, it provides the best accompaniment to suit the language and interests of the tourists along with their excellent support to make the tour exciting and memorable. Personally support in every way for the happiness of tourists.

4) B.6. Welcome Service Support

Welcoming service providers offer a warm welcome service to customers' visitors, usually for glamor and charm purposes. The agency usually provides such service providers as a grand welcoming for a wedding ceremony, airport or any other special function, event, party or get-together at the client's home or hotel. The agency earns a commission fee from booking these services.
To fulfill your passion, there is a service provider available in Delhi as "ACCOMPANY".

Hello friends, I provide an amazing service provider as per your imagination. As a businessman I have to work according to your profession and preference. I assure you that you will definitely get complete satisfaction with our 'Service Provider'. Services as per your requirement and requirement.
If you are interested in such service providers, then call or contact our service provider agency "18 PLUS Beauty Temple" and select your preferred service provider. You can also book these for dinner or corporate parties. You will be the center of attraction in any event or party because you have an attractive partner. Your customers or colleagues will be delighted to be introduced to such a lovely person. The male/female 'service providers' are of a high class and have a refined taste. The 'Service Provider' will increase your social status when you join the party. You or the people around you will be happy when he is around you.

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