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Main Object Job / Business Promotion /Work Support

यह फर्म पिछले सात (7 ) सालों से भी ज्यादा समय से अपनी साख, प्रसिद्धि और पूर्ण विस्वसनीयता के साथ आरोप - प्रत्यारोपों से जूझते हुए सामाजिक/संवैधानिक मूल्यों को ध्यान में रखते हुए काम कर रही है। आपने जो अटूट विश्वास और मजबूत भरोसा जताया है उसके लिए दिल से धन्यवाद।

Our form policy In support of or in favor of.

Basic to full service cooperation / packages.
बेसिक से लेकर फुल सर्विस कॉपरेशन / पैकेज

Service Under Sac Code:-998517

ACCOMPANY:-ESCORTin society &DATING service, Full Support Service by employees with personal competence and consent over a specified time period for personal / social or other and extra services (not described elsewhere) to the employer, such as ACCOMPANY for personal endorsement, support, Cooperation, helping, assistance etc.
व्यक्तिगत / सामाजिक या अन्य और अतिरिक्त सेवाओं (जो कही और वर्णित नहीं है) के लिए निश्चित समय अवधि के साथ व्यक्तिगत सामर्थ्य और सहमति से कर्मचारियों द्वारा पूर्ण सहयोग समर्थन सेवाएं, जैसे कि व्यक्तिगत समर्थन, सहकारिता, सहायता, आदि के लिए विभिन्न प्रकार से साथ देना, मदद देना इत्यादि।

Service Under Sac Code:-998517

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शॉर्ट सर्विस

Temporary work assignment or support: - Support of personnel for part-time / short-term period or short service, (at the individual choice and discretion of the appointee)
अस्थायी कार्य असाइनमेंट या समर्थन: - अंशकालिक / अल्पकालिक अवधि या छोटी सेवा के लिए कर्मियों का समर्थन, (व्यक्तिगत पसंद और विवेक के आधार पर)
Service under SAC Code:-998514

Service Provider For Other Beauty Treatment



Available service providers for personal hygiene, body care, reflection, ultraviolet rays and imaginary rays and other miscellaneous services, such as for services provided by massage therapist, tattoo artists / parlors, body piercing studios and other similar cosmetic treatments.

under SAC Code:-999729

For Entertainment

The services of entertainment presenter are booked by customer who are independent model/ artist/ dancer/singer and all type artist.
Service under SAC Code:-999631.


1. Internet Advertising Space.
2. Mediation/ Interview services, between (Employees & Employer).
3. Cash Counter / Booking Support for both (Employees & Employer) .
4. The Consultancy .
5. Online Advertising .
6. Online web support .
7. Searching Employee & customer according to Employees & Employer .
8. Employees & Employer Screening .
9. Booking facility with meeting place / good office ie parlor / salon / presentation room etc. with fixed time period by hired both (employees and employer) with rent or commission.


Employees of various skills.
Skilled and non-skilled employees Employees related to domestic and other services……………… Our Employee is very open and bold minded.
Meet Your All Type Work Supporter at 18 PLUS Beauty Temple.
18 PLUS Beauty Temple Service is the new modern matchmaking and meeting platform designed for the modern Indian. It is the most progressive and modern social networking organization for providing the services to find the most perfect Partner/Worker/Employee and Employer of your choice from your own place where you can make a new exciting relationship like a true soul mate, online! 18 PLUS Beauty Temple Service has launched to help you to find your dream partner who would understand you, support you, would share your feeling & everything that you want to get rid from your monotonous life.
The Type of Personal Work support Employee.
Helpar, Massage Therepist, Beautician, Welcome Escort Employee, Personal work assignment
Home care, Baby care, Receptionist
Salesman, Computer Operater, Driver, , Manager, Assistant Manager, Personal Assistant, House maid, Personal Care, Teacher, Home Tutor, Event Service Support, Welcome Service Employee, Meeting Arrangement, Fitter, Welder, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Catering, Pest Control,Tent House
Bookkeeper, Secretary, Typist, Office assistant, Clerk, Administrative assistant, Office manager, Receptionist, Account manager, Event support service or any other Employee with Interview & meeting Room.


We’ll try our best to provide you all those services provider that are listed here but there is no guaranty that all type the service provider available any time. To make sure there are no misunderstandings, feel always free to ask for your wishes before your meeting starts. Do not offer any illegal and unethical service, as any service is at the sole responsibility of both the employee and the employer.
Escort services including all utility are free but the rate paid by you is according to the time fixed already by service provider.
The service provider you select will do their best to make you happy, but the agency does not give you any guarantee because your happiness limit is not fixed.

ACCOMPANY [ Under SAC Code: 999799 ]

Personal /social and other services are provided to the client to meet their needs. But our Employees will deny doing any illegal, immoral or uncomfortable action.

Internet Advertising Space [ Under SAC Code: 998365 ]

This service includes sale of Internet advertising space.

For Entertainment [ Under SAC Code: 999631 ]

The services of entertainment presenter are booked by customer who are independent model/ artist/ dancer/singer and all. For a limited time period on the responsibility of clients.

Employeeing Arrangements [ Under SAC Code: 998517 ]

The customer appoints personnel through the organization according to their functions.

Note: Under contractual acceptance, the customer agrees to all the terms and conditions of the organization. The customer will be responsible for any activity of the service provider, as the service providers are under the direct supervision of the customer. These include basic to full service packages.

Temporary Work Assignment [ Under SAC Code: 998514 ]

Includes the supply support of personnel for part-time / short-term service at the customer's personal choice and responsibility. The customer will be responsible for any activity of the service provider, as the service providers are under the direct supervision of the customer.

Services For Other Beauty Treatement [Under SAC Code: 999729]

Personal hygiene, body care, depilation, treatment with ultraviolet rays and infrared rays and other hygiene services.
Services provided by tattoo artists/parlors, body piercing studios and other similar cosmetic treatments.

Mediation/ Interview Services [ Under SAC Code: 998511 ]

Meeting between prospective employees and employers.

Note: The decision to appoint which prospective employee is preferred by the customer. Hence both of them will be responsible for any activity during the service.

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